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Chronic Pain can be alleviated using Remedial Massage, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy or Reiki, depending upon the cause.


Headaches can be created from many things such as stress in your daily life or physical ailments which need correcting and releasing. Depending upon the core reason for the headache, I choose the correct treatment tailored for the individual.


Relationship issues often start with the relationship that you have with yourself. If you have a good relationship with yourself, you will find it easier to connect inwardly and express outwardly in a healthy way. This creates peace within yourself and promotes it with the relationships that you experience. Kinesiology or Hypnotherapy is most often used as a treatment.


Stress and Trauma can be treated using Kinesiology practices, or a tailored treatment combining physical  and emotional therapeutic healing modalities. This enables the body and the sub conscious mind to release and let go of past traumas that create present day stresses.


Anxieties can be created from negative experiences in your past that can manifest themselves in your present day. Kinesiology or a combination of my healing modalities can be applied as treatments to resolve these past experiences and create calm in your present day life.  


Addiction can be helped with Kinesiology or Hypnotherapy. I hold a space that allows you to release the underlying issues that go hand in hand with the addiction. I help promote the sub-conscious mind (the part that controls 95% of your daily actions and behaviors) to work with you to break the undesirable habits.


The "Stuck Feeling" experienced with Depression is able to be helped using Kinesiology or a combination of my healing modalities. In a caring non-judgmental space, Depression can be helped and lifted allowing the person to experience joy again.


Using Kinesiology or Hypnotherapy, I can facilitate you to release the fear that may be holding you back. For example, a phobia may have been created as a child and as an adult we can work together to release that fear from your body and sub-conscious mind freeing you from the undesirable fear that you experience.

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